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Boat Fire Extinguishers
Boat fire prevention is the key. It is essential to have boat fire safety practices in place to minimise the risk of a fire occurring. Having the correct fire fighting [...]

Boat Fire – Prevention & Control   Recently Published!

RYA VHF Handbook | RYA Resources
It is essential for all boaters to have a method of calling for help in the event of an emergency at sea. Many boaters believe a mobile phone is adequate; although [...]

VHF Communication Equipment For Sailing

Cold Water Shock RNLI
For sailors heading into cooler waters, cold water shock is a serious danger not to be overlooked. Wearing a personal flotation device will help to save your life in this situation. Immersion [...]

Cold Water Shock – Safety At Sea

West Marine Spinlock Deckvest 5D safety harness and PFD.
What Are Safety Harnesses, Lines & Jacklines? Safety harnesses are worn to secure you to a safety line which connects to the boat via a jackline. They prevent you from [...]

Safety Harnesses, Lines & Jacklines

Carbon Monoxide Detector
Carbon monoxide (CO) is dangerous because it is tasteless, odorless, and you can’t see or feel it. This is what makes carbon monoxide poisoning the most common type of fatal [...]

Carbon Monoxide on Boats

a kill cord
Always, always, always use a kill cord and ensure that it is attached to the driver of the boat –   Tenders and small powerboats should always have a [...]

Kill Cord Advice – Stay Safe At Sea

Chao Lay's tender with outboard engine.
Tender  Safety Considerations Boaters often use a tender for short passages between the yacht and shore. Tenders are generally used as a necessary mode of transport to get from A [...]

Tender Safety Tips

Escape Route Passage Planning in Grenada
An escape route is a critical part of your passage plan or manoeuvre. Having an escape route thought out ahead of time is an important part of your passage plan or manoeuvre preparation, whether you [...]

Planning Your Escape Route

SGU Student learn to sail courses receiving RYA Competent Crew certificates in Grenada.
Our SGU student learn to sail courses are a great way to get out on the water and learn to sail a yacht. Grenada is well-known for its delightful sailing and [...]

SGU Student Learn To Sail Courses

RYA Helmsman's Course | Grenada Businesses
Our two day course covers basic boat handling, engine checks and safety on board with your crew.  We tailor our courses to suit your business requirements and offer private RYA Helmsman’s [...]

RYA Helmsman’s Course For Grenadian Crew

A Chinese gybe is caused by the yacht excessively heeling over to windward.  The upper section of the mainsail and the spinnaker move to windward further increasing the angle of [...]

Chinese Gybe: Prevention & Recovery Advice

Tides are described as the rise and fall of sea levels caused by gravitational forces exerted by the Moon, the Sun and the rotation of the Earth. You can use tidal information from your charts [...]

How To Predict Tides & Understand Charts

How to trim the mainsheet
We’ve put together some helpful tips for beginners about how to trim the mainsail. The mainsheet, kicker and traveller are used to control and trim the mainsail. To alter the sail [...]

How To Trim the Mainsail

Learn to Sail in the Grenadines
I often get asked what sets Grenada apart from other locations where you can learn to sail in the Caribbean. Where do I start to share all the magical reasons why we [...]

5 Reasons To Learn to Sail in Grenada

A sailing logbook is important evidence of your accrued sea time and miles. A sailing logbook will prove your experience if you would like to charter a yacht, or enroll on [...]

Why You Need A Sailing Logbook

Spinnaker tips and trimming on Chao Lay while racing
Continuing from our introduction to spinnakers, we take a step-by-step look at how to prepare, raise and fly a spinnaker. These spinnaker tips should make your first time easier, but remember that [...]

Spinnaker Tips: How To Fly A Spinnaker

Spinnaker tips and trimming on Chao Lay while racing
Planning, preparation and practice is the key to a successful experience. Ideal for light wind passages, skipper and crew will find the spinnaker becomes straightforward to handle once the basics are mastered.   [...]

Spinnaker Advice & Tips

Sailing Theory Courses in the Caribbean
Can’t decide whether to take your sailing theory courses online or in the classroom? We list the benefits to each method so you can decide which learning style is right for you. [...]

Sailing Theory Courses: Online or Classroom?

Use your holding tank in swimming areas when sailing.
If you are going on a sailing vacation at home or abroad, there is important legislation regarding the waste water you produce and how to dispose of it correctly. We will discuss holding [...]

Holding Tanks Legislation

Ship Paperwork For Sailing Abroad
If you decide to up anchor from the UK and head abroad with your sailing boat, there is important paperwork that you must have prepared and on board with you. If [...]

Required Paperwork For Sailing Abroad

Customs Formalities - Sailing Outside of the UK
Customs formalities around the world differ based on which country you are in and where your sailing vessel is registered.   If customs and/or immigration clearance are required, the crew [...]

Customs Formalities – Sailing Abroad

Marine flares visual field chart for pyrotechnic signalling devices.
Pyrotechnic signal aids, such as marine flares, help pinpoint your boats exact location in an emergency. A boat can be difficult to see, even in good conditions. Marine flares alongside [...]

A Guide To Marine Flares

Sailing terminology can be daunting for beginners starting out, especially if English is not your first language. We’ve put together a glossary list of the main sailing terms you may [...]

Sailing Terminology – List For Beginners

Lines have specific names on a sailing yacht.
If you are getting ready to head out on your first RYA course or sailing trip then it is handy to know some basic sailing terminology. One thing that beginners should learn [...]

Sailing Lines – Think You Know The Ropes?

Sailing trip pre-departure checklist. - learn to sail
Before you head out on your fun adventure, take a moment to run through this sailing pre-departure checklist to ensure a safe and fun time at sea. Download our printable sailing pre-departure [...]

Sailing Pre-departure Checklist

Day Skipper course on multihulls| Grenada and the Grenadines
Multihulls, especially catamarans, are becoming increasingly popular with bluewater cruisers. Originally made popular by families and groups chartering on vacation, more and more cruising sailors are now setting their sights on multihulls as viable vessels.   Skippers [...]

Multihulls – A Changing Tide?

Deck shoes are a great addition to your yachting clothing wardrobe.
You might be wondering what you should wear on board if you have never been on a Caribbean sailing vacation before. We get asked this question by many new students enrolling [...]

What to Wear on a Caribbean Sailing Vacation?

Chao Lay being hauled out in Grenada
Many of you sailors will have been sunburnt at least once while out on the water. You will agree that it is much easier and safer to apply sunscreen to prevent sunburn, [...]

Avoid That Sinking Feeling!

Helming the boat can stop seasickness.
Seasickness. Unfortunately, it’s a sure bet that you will experience this at one point in your sailing life. When it occurs, what should you do to prevent or treat it? [...]

How To Ease Seasickness