Sailing Theory Courses: Online or Classroom?

Can’t decide whether to take your sailing theory courses online or in the classroom? We list the benefits to each method so you can decide which learning style is right for you.


Sailing Theory Courses Are A Great Way To Start Learning To Sail Today!


Before you set sail on your Caribbean learn to sail course, you have the choice to study a 5 day intensive shore based theory course with your instructor in Grenada, or to take the course online in your own time. Each method has its pros and cons, which we look into below.


Sailing Theory Courses – Classroom Based Learning


Sailing theory courses in Grenada - successful students!A huge benefit to classroom based sailing theory courses is having the instructor right there in front of you. You can ask questions, adjust the pace of learning, and adapt the course structure based on previous knowledge. The tuition can be tailored to suit you personally and many students are appreciative of this. No wasting time going over things you may have already learned before!


Within a group you have the support of your classmates, as well as one-on-one tuition with your instructor. At Bluewater Sailing, we have a maximum of 4 students per class to maximise the quality one-on-one training and make the theory course interesting, fun and relaxing to work through.RYA Sailing Theory Courses


Our sailing theory courses are taught over 40 hours with two examination papers. We can schedule this to be covered as a series of short sessions or as an intensive 5 day shore based course. 


A great part of the course is that you get to stay in Grenada and explore our beautiful island too. This coupled with a 5 or 7 day practical sailing course will give you a well-rounded vacation – land based stay in Grenada and afterwards sailing through the stunning Grenadines.


Sailing Theory Courses – Distance e-Learning


Logo for Splash Sea School offering online RYA Day Skipper Theory CoursesWe are partnered with Splash Sea School, a highly regarded distance e-learning school. Splash Sea School is focused on delivering RYA sailing theory courses to students around the globe. Their courses have been designed to fit in with today’s busy lifestyles, delivering online course materials that can be accessed via any device with internet access.


The key to our success is our incredibly effective e-learning platform. Splash Online is powered by a state of the art database which provides a unique ‘real-life’ relationship between student and tutor. It ensures proactive support from both the tutor and the learning system and ensures that personal learning paths tailored to suit individual needs. Splash Online enables students to log in to their Splash course from any location and continue from where he or she left off. Our advanced technology is used to monitor the effectiveness of each aspect and module of the sailing theory courses and we are constantly improving the online delivery of our courses – John Kelso, RYA Yachtmaster Instructor at Splash Sea School.


Sailing Theory Courses in the CaribbeanOtis is the Online Tutoring and Information System they have developed, and is part of the genius behind the Splash proposition. Otis makes sure that students are given exactly the right amount of information for them to handle at any one time. Once the student understands it, Otis teaches them a little more. Otis can also walk students through the calculations or maths they are learning, or can simply offer helpful hints when prompted.

Otis has the combined knowledge of several very experienced Yachtmaster Instructors and is available 24/7 for students, so even if you’re having trouble sleeping at 3am and decide to do a little learning, Otis will be there for you, keeping an eye on your progress, and making sure you’ve got all the support you need. When you have completed a piece of homework, you can submit your answers to Otis, who will give you immediate feedback about your progress.

Distance e-learning courses take around 45 hours to complete, with 2 examination papers to be submitted.  Pretty amazing technology and great for those who have vacation time restraints!


Sailing theory courses are accessible to all types of learning styles. Start learning to sail today and book your online or classroom course here.