Caribbean Regatta Charters

Antigua Sailing Week - Regatta action in AntiguaTake part in the Caribbean’s finest sailing regattas with Bluewater Sailing.

Always wanted to experience the thrill of competing in world-class Caribbean regattas? Or maybe you are a seasoned sailor who wants to crew on a fun and competitive yacht? Join our action-packed Caribbean regatta charters and fulfill your racing dreams.


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Antigua Sailing Week - Chao Lay racing in AntiguaCaribbean Regatta Charters

Bluewater Sailing attends the finest Caribbean racing events in the Lesser Antilles. Internationally renowned Antigua Sailing Week is one not to miss! Up and coming Grenada Sailing Week is on our home turf, and plenty of fun. Bequia Easter Regatta is a long running traditional event in the Grenadines. Tobago Carnival Regatta is sure to delight both novices and experienced crew members. Check our schedule and book today to secure your place on our unmissable Caribbean regatta charters. Mile building charters are available on the way to the regattas.


Antigua Sailing Week - Chao Lay racing in the Caribbean regatta



Antigua Sailing Week

Antigua Sailing Week takes place annually in the last week of April. This 5 day premier sailing event attracts yachts from all over the world. Spanning 45 years, Antigua Sailing Week has gained the reputation of one of the world’s most thrilling sailing regattas. Over 100 yachts compete, ranging from 24-100ft.

Antigua Sailing Week welcomes state-of-the-art, high-tech racers, as well as a variety of performance cruising and cruising boats like Bluewater Sailing’s Chao Lay.  An unforgettable Caribbean regatta charter for any sailor!

Chao Lay is available as a race charter for up to 12 participants with skipper Alex Johnstone. Read our 2014 regatta report here.



Grenada Sailing Week 2014 | Caribbean Regatta Charter | Bluewater Sailing Grenada Sailing Week

At the start of February, Grenada Sailing Week runs for five days – promising exciting courses, great party venues, and plenty of lay day activities. The competition has become seriously spicy as organizers zest up the action this year to bring together all of the wonderful sailing that Grenada has to offer.

Read our write up about racing in GSW 2014 here.

Read our write up about GSW 2015 here.

Chao Lay is available as a race charter for up to 12 participants with skipper Alex Johnstone. Contact us for further information.


Crew of Chao Lay for Grenada Sailing Week Caribbean RegattaBequia Easter Regatta

Every Easter, Admiralty Bay becomes the vibrant and bustling home to this friendly sailing regatta. Small, but highly competitive, Bequia Easter Regatta welcomes all with fabulous parties and picturesque scenery. Challenging courses provide thrilling on-water action during the day.

Chao Lay is available as a race charter for up to 12 participants with skipper Alex Johnstone. Contact us for further information.

Photo Credit: Tim Wright